Sales & Leasing

Our strategy for marketing your commercial property is to first identify the most likely tenants or buyers. In finding you a tenant we reach out to local businesses whose specific needs fit your particular space. In finding you a buyer we keep in touch with an extensive network of local developers, investors and business owners.

We market on a local, regional and national basis, many times with broadcast emails to over 1,000 commercial brokers on the Front Range. There is also no substitute for making personal contacts and developing relationships with key people involved in the decision process.

Our services start with understanding your property and your specific goals for selling or leasing. Because we take on only a limited number of clients we can devote the time needed to effectively market your property. Our services are designed to provide you with the following:

1. Accountability… there is no shortcut to making the necessary phone calls, knocking on the right doors and broadcasting your listing to as many prospects as possible. We provide written reports of our marketing activities so our clients know they are getting their money’s worth.

2. In Depth Knowledge… we offer an understanding of the local commercial market and an knowledge of the deals that are happening today in commercial sales and in leasing of commercial properties similar to yours. This helps us price your property more attractively so you get more exposure at the best price.

3. Key Connections… to the area’s leading employers, business people and investors gained through living and working in the Boulder area community for 25+ years.

BCRE understands the intricacies of local planning, zoning and development. When we assist you in selling we provide an analysis using the income approach and the comparable sales approach. BCRE’s leasing services include a survey of competing properties, helping with lease negotiations and helping maximize tenant retention by structuring a long term mutually beneficial relationships between you and your tenant.

Marketing a commercial property effectively takes Time, Skill and the Right Connections… so don’t go it alone. We would be grateful for the opportunity to earn your business for any of your commercial property needs.