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Finding the right property requires a thorough investigation of all possible options. Boulder Commercial Real Estate does this by scouring both local and national commercial databases and by inquiring on your behalf with area property owners and brokers. This results in locating multiple properties that fit your needs and your budget. After selecting the right property, we help you negotiate an offer that puts your needs first. Because we know the market intimately, we can bring insightful solutions to the most challenging problems.

For Buyers, we bring you not only properties already listed and on the market but also access to private party “pocket listings”; those owners we know who may sell under the right circumstances. We then help you understand the true market value of the property using both the income approach and the sales comparable approach to real estate valuation. We can connect you with local bankers who specialize in your type of commercial loan. Lastly, we guide through the buying process while protecting your interests. We’ll assist doing the proper due diligence on items such as permitting, inspections, title work, the survey, the environmental assessment and finally, the closing.

Jakarta Garden City

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$ 81.000

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Pete Averson

Boulder, CO

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What Clients Are Saying

Pastor Rick Ebbers

Pete Averson and Tim Conarro were terrific to work with in the process of locating and buying a building for our church. They listened to our needs, our desires and our limitations and, out of that trio, worked a creative solution that resulted in our new location. But Pete and Tim did more than just pass us options to review. When we needed someone to facilitate a face to face conversation with the seller, he deftly orchestrated the conversation that created a hospitable atmosphere. When we faced a potential problem with the appraisal, they help coordinate a meeting and did the extra work of investigating additional appropriate comps to help move the process forward. In short, Pete and Tim understood us and worked hard to help us find the right place. We whole-heartedly recommend Pete Averson and Tim Conarro and the team at Boulder Commercial Real Estate.

Matt Rademacher

Pete Averson Delivers. He brought a network of qualified business people to the table and aggressively marketed my business to the right people. He had qualified buyers with legitimate offers within 48 hours of listing and I closed the deal a few weeks later. It was a pleasure to work with someone that capable.

Vince Stagnitta

I have been doing business on real estate, finance and insurance with Pete for over 15years. He is a true professional and a person who I would want in my foxhole when I was in the service.

Chris Blakeman

I am an out of state retailer of specialty sewing machines and vacuum cleaners that is expanding my business into the Boulder market. When I looked to find a suitable retail space I contacted 7 different brokers in the area on Christmas day. Pete got back with me the next day with a list of about 30 possible properties that I could rent out. He also took a day out of his schedule to show me 7 good possibilities. When I ended up buying an existing business instead of renting out a new store front Pete assisted with a difficult complex negotiation in which I had to confront the current landlord to get concessions that would help with the new storefront addition to my businesses. I would recommend that anyone dealing in commercial real estate in the Boulder market use Pete Averson if they can. He is a professional that will work hard and knows his market unlike the other brokers that work in it.

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